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DVD to AVI converter - rip and convert DVD via a simple click.

Looking for a quick and reliable DVD to AVI converter? Try this "one-click" DVD to AVI converter tool and enjoy perfect-quality movies made by just a click. Use DVD to AVI converter to convert any DVDs to AVI/MPEG/DivX video, even region-protected DVD and CSS-encrypted movies are easily converted to AVI files directly to your hard drive. Our DVD to AVI converter and ripper is called One-click DVD Ripper due to its original interface, it's extremely easy and quick to startup.

What this DVD to AVI converter can do for you?

Easily rip and convert DVD to AVI/MPEG/DivX video.
Create video files of particular size (you set an output size you want).
Make AVI files fit CD, 2CD, 3CD, DVD-R and other disk presets.
Turn DVD to AVI movie of preferred picture quality.
Convert DVDs stored on a hard drive to AVI.
Rip and convert DVD ISO images.
Greatly save your time with its quick 'one-click' interface.

How do I convert DVD to AVI?

Get free download of DVD to AVI converter clicking here. It's quick to install and you'll see an animated tutorial upon the installation showing you how to convert DVD to AVI via right-click. The DVD to AVI functions are added into the context menu so you may easily right-click any DVD disk and select an option to rip and convert DVD to AVI movie. Note that there are no icon or button launching the program available on Desktop or anywhere else, the DVD to AVI converter is started by right-clicking on your DVD only! It's really quick and handy way to convert any DVD to AVI!

DVD to AVI converter screenshot

Creating CD-sized movie using DVD to AVI converter

If you want to convert DVD to AVI file that fit a regular CD for further burning simply choose this preset in DVD to AVI converter. You may also wanted to choose another presets like 1/3 CD, 1/2CD, 2CD and etc. DVD to AVI converter will automatically compress your movie to make it fit exactly the disk size you selected.

Splitting DVD to several CDs with DVD to AVI converter

You may convert a DVD to multiple AVI files suitable for burning to CDs. 2-CD and 3-CD presets available. DVD movie will be automatically splitted and converted to make each part fit a CD.

How to convert DVD to AVI and get a movie of particular size?

DVD to AVI converter has an option to set an exact output movie size in megabytes. So you can get any movie size you might want.

Converting DVD to AVI to make a movie of some particular quality

If movie size isn't important, you may set an output quality you want for DVD to AVI conversion. In this case you'll get a video of some particular image quility and its size may vary.

Download free trial to try all functions of DVD to AVI converter.
Purchase now and convert unlimited number of DVDs to AVI without picture watermarks on output.

How does it work?

One-click DVD Ripper has a very simple concept:

Right-click your DVD disk using "My computer" or Windows Explorer and select ripping option to convert DVD to AVI movie file.

This 'one-click' way for turning your DVD to AVI is very quick and you just need to try it and feel how easy it may be!
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